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Why is a Psychic Salon with Antoinette (Toni) Attell a winner?


We have all heard about “man’s sixth sense” and “ woman’s intuition.”

We all have it!
Most people are intuitive but they never learn how to really use their knowledge. A good Psychic-Intuitive gives you personal, future information. It’s like planning a road trip, using a weather forecast and map to tell you, that if you are going to a snow environment you might need chains on your tires. With this information you can make choices. You have the power and control to positively use the information to your advantage.


Who is Antoinette (Toni) Attell?
Ms. Attell has performed at over 350 Colleges and cruise ships throughout the United States as a Comedienne and Mime. She has created numerous shows for large organizations, like IBM, Levi Strauss, Memorex and is also a popular speaker, presenter, performer at many conferences like the Whole Life Expo, Body-Mind-Spirit Expo, (Canada) Conscious Life Expo, American Board of Hypnosis, International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Hypnosis Federation where she has won numerous awards.


Antoinette (Toni) Attell combines all her years as an Intuitive, Psychic,
Hypnotherapist, Comedienne, Actress and Mime to bring all these great qualities
together to create something “not-everyday” into a really memorable, fun, quirky
experience with positive results.

With someone like this …it’s never boring. She recently performed in China and Japan and is always available to create something “different” in an entertaining way. Her warmth and humor is inspiring. Toni refers to herself as a “dyslexic intuitive”, because she can see peoples’ past-lives and, since she was a mime, she can non-verbally predict their future.

Antoinette (Toni) Attell
  • 818-787-8685

Salon: A gathering of people who wish to be inspired, amazed and amused.


Please choose or combine from the Menu below

Take 2 large cups of Intuition, 1 Tablespoon of Body Readings, mix well with Mirth, Laughter
and Improvisation. Season well with “The Food Cravings Tests” explaining why you are doing
what you do today. Mixes well with Humor and Insights. Rises Quickly. Serves large gatherings
as well as small ones. Please Choose from the Menu Below:

Body Readings/Body Talk:

Find out what your body movement and face structure says about your life, your patterns and your future. Body Readings/Body Talk is the science of reading peoples' faces and bodies. How well do you really know yourself? Your body never lies. It tells you when you are sick, lonely or in need of sustenance.

You will also learn:

• What the foods you crave tell you about yourself
• What your body communicates to you regarding health, love and
   business and how to effectively look and listen for the signals.
• Learn how to read others peoples' bodies with your own


Psychic Salon:

Join Antoinette as her host for a Psychic Salon which can be used as a performance-show, lecture, workshop or, presentation. For large and/or small events .Create a day or evening of:

• Past- Life DNA Body Readings
• Face Readings and Tarot

• Hypnosis for Relaxation and Breaking the Cords.

• Humor mixed in with games and Intuition


Meant To Meet:

Kurt Vonnegut once said that someone that comes into close proximity to you is connected to you in some way!
I believe we are Meant To Meet the people in our lives to learn our lessons. Too often we think, “This is the One, this is someone who will change my life.” Instead, another way to think would be: this new person may guide me to a path where I might meet my lover, best friend or future business partner. In this workshop you will learn how to effectively begin brand new patterns in your life. Lots of fun and games with audience participation.

Mask Ceremony & You Are What You Were:

The mask ceremony is a truly bold and dynamic experience for those driven to understand the course of their present and past lives. The MASK CEREMONY itself can be compared to a chiropractic adjustment. As body, mind and spirit come together in full alignment. Old patterns are released and space is allowed for new change.  All species instinctively transfer genetic codes of survival to their offspring. The sum of your being is imprinted in you through thousands of years of bio-energetic memory transference. These are called DNA memories. On the cellular level, every body movement reveals this transference. In essence, you are all that you were.

21 Day Get What You Want-Body-Mind-Spirit-Diet:

This program breaks old negative patterns creating space for positive new patterns. It is a known fact that if you do something for 21 days, you will create new ideas, patterns, behavior and mental outlook. You may find out that what you think you want not what you actually need.


Small Ceremonies:

Mankind has always needed ceremonies to fill life with meaning and to help find the meaning of life. From religious plays to tea ceremonies to sporting events. Small ceremonies, unite mind, body and spirit, and help us to find the power to speak our thoughts...our real thoughts and to bring us into contact with what we really want. Great for audience participation.

Bringing Humor Into Your Life and Business:

Humor is one of the greatest healing forces available to us as humans. Smiling has a positive effect on physiology, often resulting in total relaxation of the body. Laughter heals. Like a pressure cooker releasing steam, stress is relieved through laughter. Learn how to locate and use your sense of humor.

Games For The Soul:

Have you ever wanted to really celebrate your life? This workshop assists the participant in doing just that, by discovering who you are, what you want, how you're going to get it and what you'll want to do with it. The format is a series of improvisational, metaphysical games that get you in contact with your child within, and it teaches you how to use your own psychic ability.

Acting Tools For Business Professionals:

Use all the methods of Acting and Comedy to help present yourself to the public, loosen up your inhibitions and get more attention from your clients, customers and loved ones. These are the same methods taught by Antoinette at USC Film and Television School for writers and directors.

Just Kidding:

Improvisation Games
Improvisation is a great way to break the ice and get out of over thinking a situation. If you ask many of the Fortune 500 they always say that they trust their gut instinct. This is a great way to get us over our "Inner Babble" and is just good old fun for everyone. Adults, Teens and Children. A great Salon.


For bookings contact: Jeannine Frank
Jeannine Frank Entertainment

North Carolina bookings:
Bonnie Cohen
919-932-3209 • Chapel Hill, NC

For Ms. Attell:  •  • 818-787-8685
Available for Salons, Workshops, Lectures and Performances


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